moving forward into 2016 with teamhumble

long time no speak guys!

how’s it going, seems like forever i posted an update.

i did post a blog post about our trip but i’ve not really had time to look at any of the footage i shot yet and edit that together in any kind of reminder of our little group gathering away.

team humble are back from new york city

it was super weird to come back a week before christmas to the uk and back into the swing of full on christmas. i’ve never done it before but i’ll be doing it again but instead of coming back i’ll be going away just before or after christmas this coming year, i’m determined to be sitting on a beach somewhere hot in the next few years. too much rain and grey skies makes phil a grumpy boy.

so, what’s happening in 2016? where does teamhumble go from here, what’s planned.

i’ve made a few changes at casa del slack channel in that we have broken up the general channel into groups for different age ranges. i’m working with a charity this year so we are using the same channel layout over there as well - it should make for better communication channels between different age ranges thus allowing people to just work independently on their own projects, at the speed they want to run at.

i’m still blown away at the fact that we managed to raise the amount we needed in just over a month, it left me in some debt in some ways and i’ve no longer got my gopro or dslr but just to get away to nyc again after being away for so long made it all worth it. i want to personally thank you for the support you showed us. it was pretty awesome to be supported like that. i personally needed to know that the internet had our back. for that i want to hug and kiss all your faces.

you were amazing. thank you for making a ‘crossroads’ moment for everyone that was involved.

i want to tell you about something we have built over the last ten days since the new year started. it’s a photo site called ** where we give away photos (and soon cinema graphs) for you to use in your own projects and blogs free of charge. yes, free. awesome right?

it’s still very much a work in process and we need to do a lot of customisation to the project but it’s coming together lovely and we already have some of the features we wanted in there. easy uploading content we make and shoot but also the ability for you to send us some of your favourite pics.

we have some openings for rv and sunsets at the moment if you want to send them over. take a look in the about section to find the uploader, it’s a great site called that we are using to receive your images into our dropbox in a simple drag and drop kinda motion. neat huh?

use the link for that. just drag and drop!


like a nutcase i tried to record 24 videos, one per hour on christmas day. i nearly made it, but i kinda forgot to do the last one. you might wanna check them out anyway - it came together pretty rad.

24 videos, one per hour. all on christmas day!


i refreshed my blog, and made that rss feed capable, flat database and auto posting over to twitter using zapier, it’s working pretty sweet. i’ll be posting more there from now on.


we will be starting to do teamhumble get togethers again on friday nights and also i’ll be doing the elevenish show everyday in the week from 11am for like twenty minutes or you can watch over on youtube.