breaking down the projects for 2016

so that's january done.


came around pretty fast the new year and before i knew it january was here in full force and then left again. what was left after the dust settled however feels more solid and structured than before. with more intent and focus and the reality that to put together something like teamhumble not only do we need to sustain ourselves regards money for the digital services we use.

we also need to make the team structure strong so that it's open for everyone and that projects that we do that have real world effect can still function without it effecting the way the team works.

so, for my own personal projects (which anyone can feed into and help if they so wish!) i'll be breaking them down into NINE areas, mainly because they make up my intention for 2016. the projects that i want to work on and give you mini updates as i make progress on them.

i'm hoping that this format will work better because they will be short, give you an update as to what's happening and all in a super quick snack fashion instead of me banging on for ages - it should make the bigger teamhumble get togethers more interesting for discussions for those interested in doing something similar.

so then, the nine areas are as follows... the majority of these little shows will be super quick, not group discussion but easy for people to go and watch and catchup on but also they will get recorded and fed into youtube playlists that will in turn feed into the teamhumble app (so please grab that)

this 15/20 minute show around 11am on weekdays was really my way of making sure I have some kind of creative coffee outlet before lunch to get out some of the things that I'm working on. I think I'm going to do it less frequent but with an over arching open room for twenty minutes to have a coffee break and chat. Everyone should come prepared with coffee or tea. talking of coffee. .. updates
launched in january we have started to see some steady traffic between 50/100 users a day and we are working towards getting another camera for the team so that we can start to add more content to the site. we also have some ideas about selling all the content in packs on gumroad as well for those people that do not want to go searching through the site. we will break this down into groups and offer that pack at an amazing price. we hope to add hundreds, if not thousands of photos to the website over the coming year. we will use this site for traffic generation feeding back into our udemy, fiverr and other online offerings.

cinemagraph live
recently we got a license to play with the cinemagraph program from flixel, what makes this extra awesome is that it's a video file that you make into a photo but you allow certain things in the scene to still move. it's a very powerful effect and study proves that people spend a lot longer looking at one of these images compared to say a static picture. i'm looking forward to exploring using this more for a similar site to

one for the road
this one is going to take more planning and it will only really be up and running when we have the t5 transporter and internet all wired in. i have wanted to always have almost a social media mission control style system for live interaction broadcasting and 'one for the road' seemed like the best name i could give it for the content that is the drive and conversation between places. i've found that super interesting conversations happen while in transition if your with the right people, what if you could take people from the web with you? - with periscope now supporting gopro4 streaming support it makes sense with a wide angle lens to start playing around with the potential of this.

teamhumble updates
simple quick fire video show about feature updates to teamhumble as we go along. updates when we are able to sustain ourselves more and when we have some success/growing pains. you can get to these videos inside the app - super quickly. guessing that these video update shows will last only five minutes at a time.

tech tools with dmouse
i'm often using a lot of tools behind the scenes to get something to convert from one format to another, some format conversion of video, photo or audio or applications to make content for online training. i can get through a fair number of applications so i thought i would put together a quick video about my tool of the moment and call that tech tools with dmouse, should be quick and snappy and will be another channel on our app.

udemy courses updates
working on udemy courses takes me a lot of planning of what i'm going to say and i'm learning new processes all the time to putting together udemy courses that feel like i'm creating value. i'll be sharing updates, free coupons and tips along the way and opening up the stream to other people that are interested in udemy to help out and answer any questions if they are in the chat on

virtual petal coworking
i miss co-working spots. often a hive of activity of people working on their startups. after leaving the gigabit speeds of derby i've been wanting to create some kind of buzz again somewhere but access to regular work and money has put a stop on that. after getting all the graphics together for a coworking location it seems fair that we use them to create a virtual co-working spot online where people can hang out together. i've not got it all worked out yet how it's going to work but i'm thinking something with music and overlays.

the road to spain
it's all about piece of land somewhere in spain. i've had this dream for years. dropping a shipping container on some land and making it work. the stress and strains of pulling it all together, getting some help, getting the right tools and people for the job. storytelling from the ground up like it was the end of the world and you had to make it work. using social media to tell the story of from peanuts into olive groves. this is my masterpiece of social media story telling and this year i'm looking forward to taking a reccy of the land.

so this kinda sets the scene really for 2016.

this is my INTENT, this is what i'm focused on. i'm not going to go away and tidy the hell out of my computer so i have all the assets i need in the right place as my computer needs a serious tidy up, do you find that? gobs of files all over the place in different location. i'm terrible for it. gotta have an epic tidy up! :)