adjective, humbler, humblest.
not proud or arrogant; modest:
to be humble although successful.
to make meek:
to humble one's heart.

i had been testing out a new video chat system ( i had heard about (like you do via the internet jungle drums) and found a particularly engaging bunch of people that i sat and spoke too for hours on end. i had just fractured my wrist and i was going to be out of action for a few months.

it was the first real time that i had truly felt fear that i was some how less, debiltated and without resources. one handed daily chores and tasks were about to get complicated.

sitting and chatting in an open digital space feeling restricted and frustrated i realised that i simply could not just sit there chatting to people all day without actually doing something, i wanted to have conversations about digital working, offgrid living, virtually co-work if you will around a number of topics.

it was one day after having these conversations that i found myself frustrated that i was off work and had free time and did not have the funds to be able to upgrade my telestream wirecast software to the latest version.

after discussing it with a number of people and by asking for help in this video somehow the funds started to come in and i had the upgrade money i needed to be able to start using wirecast with blab, from there things snowballed pretty rapidly.

i made a udemy course about using wirecast and blab which i gave away for free, we raised money for a mifi device for chloe, we started a fundraiser to get the newly formed squad, teamhumble to nyc. we had something, the starting seeds of a community of misfits from different backgrounds wanting to spend virtual and physical time together.

-phil, dm.